VTech Kidizoom Camera

VTech Kidizoom Digital Camera for Kids

VTech Kidizoom Digital Camera

The VTech Kidizoom digital camera for kids allows children as young as 3 to take their very own digital photos with their very own camera. The Kidizoom stands up to rough handling, with a tough exterior and big rubber handles for little hands. More than a camera, the Kidizoom also lets kids record movies, play games, and manipulate photos with fun frames, distortions, and graphics.

There are lots of kid's digital cameras, but no other is so well designed for performance, durability, and fun as the VTech. The camera is easy to use, with two-eye viewing, easy-grip handles, and a joystick for navigation. The VTech Kidizoom digital camera comes in three colors, each with two interchangeable faceplates included to customize the front of the camera with a choice of colorful graphics.

The Kidizoom comes with both A/V and USB cables, so you can view movies and photo slideshows on a TV or upload them to a computer. Also included is VTech Photo Editor software, with a simple interface that lets kids edit their photos with fun frames and graphics like funny hats and bows to add to their subjects. The camera has 16MB of internal memory and an SD card slot for lots of photos, and a 1.8-inch color screen for viewing pictures and playing the three included games for preschoolers.

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VTech Kidizoom Digital Camera Features & Specs

The Kidizoom camera comes with an A/V cable, a USB cable, two faceplates, photo editing software, and the following features.

Kidizoom Colors and Kid-Friendly Controls

The VTech Kidizoom digital camera is available in pink, blue, or orange. Each color comes with two coordinating interchangeable faceplates. The functions are controlled by large, clear buttons as well as a joystick for flipping through photos on the camera and for playing the games and navigating the modes menu. Viewing your shot is easy even for preschoolers using the two-eye viewing windows or the 1.8-inch color screen. Large rubber handles help kids hold the camera with two hands, while a wrist strap helps them avoid dropping the camera.